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Bar Mat Features
- Oct 25, 2018 -

The bar mat is generally made of plastic as a kind of coaster, also called bar mat, bar mat. It has certain flexibility, excellent insulation, compressibility and natural viscosity on the surface. It is specially designed for the protection of some cups in the home or entertainment places and the heat transfer by the gap; it can fill the gap and complete the heat and heat dissipation parts. The heat transfer between the two also serves as insulation, shock absorption, sealing, etc. It also prevents the cup from slipping or the cleanliness of the table.

Mainly used in bar counters, hotels, coffee shops, hot drinks shops, home bars, coffee tables, hotels, dance halls, KTV, etc. It is non-slip, high temperature resistant, can contain overflowing drinks, etc., and can be used for different logos. It is a kind of practical product, especially for major beer and hot drinks brands.

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