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Material Of Luggage Tag
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Luggage tag is a gadget that is often used in life. In Western countries, it is an indispensable gift in life. When many families are traveling, the luggage tag is placed on the suitcase to identify it. Can be used in public places such as airports and railways. Convenient and practical

The material of the luggage tag can be divided into: 1. soft luggage tag 2. aluminum luggage tag 3. PVC luggage tag 4. plastic luggage tag 5. leather luggage tag.

1. Soft PVC: Double-sided is made of soft glue pvc, paper card, transparent film, etc. can be written as information, then put on the luggage tag tape, and then packed in OPP bag. The LOGO process has a flat, 2D, 3D, full stereo. The mold opening cost is 300-500 yuan, and the LOGO of this product is outstanding and intuitive.

2. Aluminum luggage tag is stamped by the mold. It is simple and fashionable to look at. The cost of mold opening is more expensive. The general mold cost is 8,000 yuan. Generally, we use the existing style, and the appearance process has spray paint. , spray silver and other treatments. ,

3. PVC luggage tag, made of hard PVC film and transparent film using high-frequency process to suppress the surface, or as long as the single piece of hard PVC is coated with a coating, you can directly write the contact information, or both sides are soft PVC high-frequency compression, this The product LOGO can be printed in color, and the entire pattern can be printed without fading and clear color.

4. Plastic luggage tag, the general material is ABS, PP, etc., generally can be opened according to the designer's thinking, the general mold cost is 8,000-1.2 million yuan,

5. Leather luggage tag, generally made of PU, PVC, cowhide and other leather materials, generally used on the market is PU leather, this product is high-grade, the unit price is also moderate.

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