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PVC Keychain Development Process
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Don't underestimate the simple PVC Epoxy products. The history of this Epoxy has evolved to the present stage after several stages. Many factories that are accustomed to mechanized processes feel that PVC factories are some of the original production tools. The following Wolf Teng process will take you to understand the progress of the PVC keychain:

  The beginning of the production of PVC products, is to use a soft plastic pot, inside the color, and then on the pot to think of a small needle device, but this method can not do more delicate strips, and the production value of the product is very low, this has become the past, This method of production is not seen at all.

   In the first two years, the popular air compressor was used to control the air pressure through the pneumatic solenoid valve to push the syringe and inject PVC material. Many factories now use this method, of course, this requires the skill of manual glue to operate manually.

At present, it is a relatively high-tech fine point machine, also known as a fully automatic dispenser. It can replace the dispensing process with a machine. This method further promotes the development of the dispensing industry, not only high output value, but also The unit price of expensive epoxy products has dropped.

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