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Silicone Gift Features
- Dec 08, 2018 -

First. The strong adsorption of silica gel can quickly and effectively absorb the moisture in the sealed package, the chemical property is stable, non-toxic and harmless; in addition to the continuous innovation and development in recent years, various silica gels have been widely used for drug purification, DNA separation, Dry food, high-precision electronics, advanced cosmetics, sewage purification, beer purification, advanced coatings, and resin production or preservation.


Second, the main object of its service is the beauty of women's silicone jewelry is divided into: small jewelry, storage jewelry, functional jewelry. Small jewelry is a simple silicone jewelry, its characteristics are small and beautiful, and common: silicone bracelet, silicone bracelet, nameplate and so on. The storage accessory is the original intention of the packaging container, and the design is beautiful and the appearance is popular. These accessories are small and easy to carry, and are very popular among female consumers. Even many celebrities and celebrities have abandoned LV for it.


Third, functional silicone jewelry with electronic digital products as the carrier, mainly to protect the landscaping, easy to operate, this is a more targeted category, need to be customized, with the development of the product is more and more decorative effect, A variety of exquisite styling promoters are popular trends, but functionality is also an aspect that is valued. The better the product quality, the higher the cost performance; this type is mainly made up of silicone phone case, tablet case, and silicone U disk. Silicone watches are the mainstay.


Fourth, but silicone jewelry is gradually developed and popular in recent years, its advantages are always inseparable from the advantages of environmental protection and safety of silicone raw materials. At the same time, the production process is more convenient than other materials, and the price is cheap, which has been favored by many merchants. For consumers, popular styles, exquisite appearance, and practical functions are also popular among consumers. The color of the silicone gift is formulated by adding a certain amount of color paste and high tensile force to the raw material.

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