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The Difference Between Silicone Nipples And Rubber Nipples
- Dec 07, 2018 -

Rubber nipple is also called latex nipple, yellow, elastic and soft, easy to age, there will be natural rubber smell. After using it for a period of time (about 4-6 weeks), the color of the nipple will become dark brown, and when it is sticky, it indicates rubber. After aging, it should be replaced in time. Moreover, the sulfur content is extremely easy to exceed the standard.


Silicone nipple is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, free of bisphenol A, resistant to aging, etc.; non-toxic and harmless, can be deformed by any disinfecting method, and long-term disinfection will not appear. The harmful components ooze out, and no odor such as plastic is produced. The liquid silicone is better than the solid silica gel.


It should also be noted that latex is only toxic in high temperature environments, so it is basically safe to use as a teat. As for temperature resistance and aging resistance, latex is not comparable to silica gel. The advantage of the high temperature resistance of silica gel is that the nipple can be easily and repeatedly sterilized in boiling water. This is not possible with latex. In short, latex is a low-grade pacifier, and silica gel is relatively high-grade. For the specific classification of silicone nipples, silica gels of “food grade” materials should be selected, and uncertified silica materials may have certain harmful substances exceeding the standard.

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